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Sunday Funday!

The tension and drama that is unfolding on Halt and Catch Fire tonight is electrifying. You can see all the characters tap dancing harder and harder on the thin ice of their relationships. It won’t be long until one taps hard enough to fall through, the anticipation is metaphorically killing me. This is the reason you watch the show; the chemical reaction between all the volatile characters has been working, but the pressure cooker is on. I can not get enough of Kerry Bishe’s character, possibly because she is the closest we can get to finding out the truth behind the ever mysterious Lee Pace’s, “Joe MacMillan”. Scott Mcnairy, “Gordon Clark” is the family man who ranks himself very low among everyone around him. He’s the genius who gets seemingly stomped on at every turn. He doesn’t have the glamorous appeal that everyone else does, which makes him appealing. Especially since his smoking hot wife and mother of his two children is acting awful slutty with her coworker, if she were to cheat on him…And that’s exactly what I’m talking about! The emotions are so raw, the stakes are so high and it all feels so personal.


How could I forget

About House of Cards. Anyone who has seen this Netflix original knows that Kevin Spacey is back and putting on his usual grade a performance. The reason these Netflix originals are the bee’s knees is because Netflix seems to have realized the truth a while ago. The quality of entertainment coming out of Hollywood on the big screen are on the rapid decline. The desire for big budget shoot ’em ups have completely blacked out the talent and passion of the cinema. I want to go and meet new characters, get transported to a new world and get some of that movie magic in my feels. My opinion on the matter is because the average viewer does not want to go and sit through the 3 hour movies, which seem to be the only movies anymore worth seeing. The time dedication is major, however releasing 12, 45 minute episodes of a TV show allow you to get transported to that other world during your lunch breaks, and the anticipation and excitement adds to the thrill ride. Why did I go off on this tangent? No idea. BUT! You should watch House of Cards.

House of Cards follows Kevin Spacey, a politician in the truest definition of the word. Willing to lie, cheat, steal and murder in order to make his way to the presidency, this show portrays Washington DC in the darkest light possible, some would argue the most accurate, and Kevin Spacey couldn’t do a better job guiding us through this world. The good news is the show has 2 seasons already and season 2 is absolutely bananas and obviously they’re on Netflix in their entirety. This show is so hard for me to write about because I honestly don’t want to give away anything so in conclusion, if you are in the mood to get hooked on a show about the most devilishly clever politician navigating through betrayal, power plays and Kate Mara/Kevin Spacey sex scenes, then House of Cards is the show for you.

House of Cards:


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The easiest thing for me to do

Is talk about movies. One of the movies that always manages to come up is Memento. It was directed by Christopher Nolan, who is a man that more people need to know more about. He not only directs, but writes some of the greatest cerebral movies of our time. To be alive with him right now is to be alive with one of the greatest minds in the entertainment business. If you’re unaware of his works, they include the Dark Knight Trilogy, The Prestige, Inception and Insomnia. Let that sink in. Feels good doesn’t it? If you haven’t seen one of those movies, you should question your life up to this point. I think that should suffice for the Nolan power hour, The real reason I’m writing this is to tell all you kind people a synopsis of one of the littler known movies on the list, and consequently one of my favorites, Memento.

Memento was released in 2000 starring the always talented Joe Pantoliano and the ever handsome Guy Pearce. This movie doesn’t suffer from that Benjamin Button syndrome, though it does begin with the end. It opens with the final scene of the movie, although with no back story it is impossible to actually know that. We only begin to understand how the story will be told as we get introduced to Guy Pearce’s dope ass character. This guy just gets to literally lives his life going town to town murdering dudes he truly believes to have killed his wife; and, and, and, he has a cop for help! Joe Pantoliano, who believes he deserves justice, just helps this guy murder people, as long as the person matches the details in the police files. He gets to avenge his wife, and succeed, forever. You see, Guy Pearce suffers from a condition. This condition is he has lost the ability to make new memories. He can remember everything up to the accident, but can not remember anything for more than a few minutes. After a conversation he will nearly instantly forget it, the whole conversation, the person, the reason for coming, everything. With this condition he is forced into using Polaroid pictures with personal notes in order to function inside of the puzzle he created for himself to live in. Oh and Carrie-Anne Moss is in it, Trinity from the matrix, so it’s got that going for it. Which is nice.

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Just when I thought there were other things that mattered…

I started watching the show “Halt and Catch Fire” on AMC. There are so many mini-series and movies I want to talk about, but at the moment this show has bitch slapped me in the face and enthralled me for a less than fulfilling binge-watch session. Less than fulfilling you ask? Don’t worry baby birds, I’ll feed ya (Daniel Tosh). Yes, less than fulfilling, because the whole season isn’t over! So for those who want to fill that Breaking Bad hole left in your hearts, you can tune in to AMC Sundays at 10/9c!  This tornado of a show has flown me into that blissful OZ where only those special TV shows can take you. The TV show where you watch it everyday, not because of the curiosity, but because of the personal connection you feel with the characters and your desire to watch them succeed. The vast spectrum of character dynamics the show offers is only matched by its seemingly realistic interpretation of the personal computer revolution in Silicon Valley.

I want to talk about the shows that I watch in an organized way. I want to create that spark of interest in these sometimes unknown shows, to expand the cult following and do my part to filter through the bullshit that Hollywood has been spinning for us lately. It’s been rough, but the night is always darkest just before the dawn.  I want to be the James Spader for those who wish to open the Stargate to this new and awesome world. Alternatively, I want to serve as the breeding ground for discussions and a place to unload that feeling you have after you finish the season finale of Hannibal, the TV series, yes it exists and yes you should watch it. Good Morning, Good Night.

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