Enlightenment Party of 1

Thanks to my roommate who has never seen Ray Donovan, I get to re-watch season 1 as preparation for catching up with the new episodes. Liev Schreiber plays a character that can be most readily described as a problem fixer. If you happen to wake up in bed next to a hooker who OD’d on drugs, call Ray. You need something pulled off that requires blackmail and murder, call Ray. He is so smooth and commands such a respect that he is feared by those who cross him and loved by those who he lets into his life, mostly his family members, who bring about their own dimensions of problems. From his father who gets out of prison and heads directly to his nearest catholic church to murder a priest, to his brother who was molested as a child by a priest, the negative perspective of the catholic church is one of the most pivotal points of the show. 

Despite the fact I’ve seen it, watching Ray Donovan again has been so much fun. The season finale was tonight and so many thing happen that it is hard to write about. It is such a gripping show that is so fun because the biggest part of the finale is the character development. You find out about the other side of Ray Donovan, the vulnerable side, for a split second. This brief exposure and resolution between Ray and his father feels good. The culmination of the brother’s molestation story ends with Ray shooting the priest and testing the loyalty of the family name. This test resonates through the characters as the season comes to an end with the popular foreign guy Avi getting shot by Patrick ‘Sully’ Sullivan (James Woods) and then Mick saving Ray’s life by shooting Sully; thereby allowing the FBI to catch the FBI’s most wanted, Ray to get away and everyone to continue living until next season. Except for all the people that died, unless there are flashbacks or ghosts. Anyways, If you haven’t watched it I encourage you to, if you have then don’t tell me what happens! I can’t wait to start season 2!

Ray Donovan


Liev Shrieber


James Woods


Jon Voight



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