Halt and Catch Fire Play by Play

Sunday Funday!

The tension and drama that is unfolding on Halt and Catch Fire tonight is electrifying. You can see all the characters tap dancing harder and harder on the thin ice of their relationships. It won’t be long until one taps hard enough to fall through, the anticipation is metaphorically killing me. This is the reason you watch the show; the chemical reaction between all the volatile characters has been working, but the pressure cooker is on. I can not get enough of Kerry Bishe’s character, possibly because she is the closest we can get to finding out the truth behind the ever mysterious Lee Pace’s, “Joe MacMillan”. Scott Mcnairy, “Gordon Clark” is the family man who ranks himself very low among everyone around him. He’s the genius who gets seemingly stomped on at every turn. He doesn’t have the glamorous appeal that everyone else does, which makes him appealing. Especially since his smoking hot wife and mother of his two children is acting awful slutty with her coworker, if she were to cheat on him…And that’s exactly what I’m talking about! The emotions are so raw, the stakes are so high and it all feels so personal.


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