How could I forget

About House of Cards. Anyone who has seen this Netflix original knows that Kevin Spacey is back and putting on his usual grade a performance. The reason these Netflix originals are the bee’s knees is because Netflix seems to have realized the truth a while ago. The quality of entertainment coming out of Hollywood on the big screen are on the rapid decline. The desire for big budget shoot ’em ups have completely blacked out the talent and passion of the cinema. I want to go and meet new characters, get transported to a new world and get some of that movie magic in my feels. My opinion on the matter is because the average viewer does not want to go and sit through the 3 hour movies, which seem to be the only movies anymore worth seeing. The time dedication is major, however releasing 12, 45 minute episodes of a TV show allow you to get transported to that other world during your lunch breaks, and the anticipation and excitement adds to the thrill ride. Why did I go off on this tangent? No idea. BUT! You should watch House of Cards.

House of Cards follows Kevin Spacey, a politician in the truest definition of the word. Willing to lie, cheat, steal and murder in order to make his way to the presidency, this show portrays Washington DC in the darkest light possible, some would argue the most accurate, and Kevin Spacey couldn’t do a better job guiding us through this world. The good news is the show has 2 seasons already and season 2 is absolutely bananas and obviously they’re on Netflix in their entirety. This show is so hard for me to write about because I honestly don’t want to give away anything so in conclusion, if you are in the mood to get hooked on a show about the most devilishly clever politician navigating through betrayal, power plays and Kate Mara/Kevin Spacey sex scenes, then House of Cards is the show for you.

House of Cards:

Kevin Spacey

Kate Mara


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