Just when I thought there were other things that mattered…

I started watching the show “Halt and Catch Fire” on AMC. There are so many mini-series and movies I want to talk about, but at the moment this show has bitch slapped me in the face and enthralled me for a less than fulfilling binge-watch session. Less than fulfilling you ask? Don’t worry baby birds, I’ll feed ya (Daniel Tosh). Yes, less than fulfilling, because the whole season isn’t over! So for those who want to fill that Breaking Bad hole left in your hearts, you can tune in to AMC Sundays at 10/9c!  This tornado of a show has flown me into that blissful OZ where only those special TV shows can take you. The TV show where you watch it everyday, not because of the curiosity, but because of the personal connection you feel with the characters and your desire to watch them succeed. The vast spectrum of character dynamics the show offers is only matched by its seemingly realistic interpretation of the personal computer revolution in Silicon Valley.

I want to talk about the shows that I watch in an organized way. I want to create that spark of interest in these sometimes unknown shows, to expand the cult following and do my part to filter through the bullshit that Hollywood has been spinning for us lately. It’s been rough, but the night is always darkest just before the dawn.  I want to be the James Spader for those who wish to open the Stargate to this new and awesome world. Alternatively, I want to serve as the breeding ground for discussions and a place to unload that feeling you have after you finish the season finale of Hannibal, the TV series, yes it exists and yes you should watch it. Good Morning, Good Night.

Check these out:

Halt and Catch Fire




Daniel Tosh


Breaking Bad



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